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Strategic Human Resource Management to Achieve Organizational Aims Free Essay Example, 1750 words

Global competitiveness and strategic human resource are linked to each other in this manner. Global competitiveness drives the choice of strategies that a firm selects for its operations, and strategic human resource contributes to the global competitiveness of a firm. Global competition is becoming the custom of the business world. This is because a lot of firms in countries now operate globally, making the rate of trading internationally higher than the rate of operating domestically (Kiessling Harvey). In most industries, it is impossible to survive in the global market without scrutinizing the world for customers, competitors, technology, suppliers, and human resource. Because of the global nature of the business environment, firms can get the right skills at lower costs hence reducing the overall operational cost. This gives the firm advantage and may contribute to its competitiveness. In such a business environment, global human resource management becomes the key to achievin g success in the firm (Kiessling Harvey). The Role of Human Resource Management in Global Competitiveness Today in a turbulent and complex business environment, when firms analyze their competitive factors, the result is an understanding that the people and their position are the basis from which everything depends, and everything begins. We will write a custom essay sample on Strategic Human Resource Management to Achieve Organizational Aims or any topic specifically for you Only $17.96 $11.86/page The productivity of a firm also depends on human resource. In the current knowledge economy, it is the employee that is given knowledge for use in various situations for the success of the organization. Take the example of a marketer. In the current business world, characterized by new technology, and especially social media, there may be new forms of reaching a target market.

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Health, Food, And Nutrition - 1291 Words

When I first enrolled in this class, I didn’t know what to expect nor I had any. What drew my attention was the course focus around different aspects that mediate food and health. This is important because it is applicable to the work that I will be doing for my field study. I’ve learned a lot and I wished we had more time to process the information because most of the materials were new. When it comes to food and health, there aren’t a lot of discussions and/or classes on the politics behind it. Community 156 has established this foundation for me. I will try to take you through a journey of what stood out the most to me. Nowadays, there are a lot of confusion around health, food and nutrition. Many of the diseases such as obesity,†¦show more content†¦In this way, once people are aware, they can challenge the system (Kimura, Food Education as Food Literacy). Many nutritionists and/or health professionals often think that informing people about good vs bad food will help not only combat obesity, but also other health-related issues. However, these nutritionists can’t pinpoint where the problem is coming from or why people aren’t following their recommendations. As a result, they start with being generic as finding food that will solve global concerns (Yates-Doerr, The Capacity of Reduction). Global hunger is a serious issue, especially in third world countries where they lack proteins and nutrients to help stimulate the body. Quinoa, a grain like seed that contains all nine of the proteins that humanity need to survive, is considered a miracle food that will solve global hunger as well as depoliticizing it (McDonell, Miracle Food). Quinoa was promoted as a whole food, which did not require a lot of work than fortified food. I think that whereas these approaches are genuinely thought out, what these supports of this product fail to take into account are people’s social and economic status. Hunger is difficult to address if it’s only view as an individual issue and as systematic and social problems that needs social solutions. I think the term â€Å"food insecurity† is aShow MoreRelatedThe Food Contamination By Bisphenol A Is Unknown, But The Nutrition / Health Impact Of This Chemical1274 Words   |  6 PagesThe overall food contamination by Bispheno l A is unknown, but the nutrition/ health impact of this chemical is an important subject to be discussed for all individuals. The main aim of one study recently analyzed was to assess the reproductive impact of BPA leached from regularly available polycarbonate plastic containers. The bottles specifically chosen for testing were those that were used by children. The migration of BPA occurs in polycarbonate plastics (i.e. water bottles and baby bottles).Read MoreNutrition Is The Basic Process Of Providing The Human Body With The Necessary Food For Health And Growth1611 Words   |  7 PagesIntroduction Nutrition is the basic process of providing the human body with the necessary food for health and growth. While this might seem to be a simple concept, nutrition is exceedingly complex and affects many areas of an individual’s life. One of these areas is exercise. Diet is considered one of the most influential components in improving athletic performance. Optimal nutrition can enhance (a) physical activity, (b) athletic performance and (c) recovery from exercise (Manroe, M.M., BarrRead MoreFresh Or Preserved Foods For Nutrition And Health Benefits By Using Popular And Manipulating Meanings1400 Words   |  6 Pages Fresh or Preserved Foods? The recent trend is advertising fresh and organic foods for nutrition and health benefits by using popular and manipulating phrases such as â€Å"Fresh is Best†. This has resulted in major retailers declaring their focus on fresh foods, such as Coles’ new â€Å"I Coles Freshed It† campaign. These changing habits also indicate that the consumers will now be seeking fresh and organic foods in lieu of available pre-packaged and preserved foods. However, research in the pastRead MoreU.s School Food Regulation For Public Schools Essay1543 Words   |  7 PagesAmerican public schools have poor nutrition, and it causes obesity in teenagers. As a former student of the American public school systems, the condition of the food has been a problem for years. Over the past two decades, obesity has been an issue in the U.S, and it is due to poor school nutrition. The public schools lack a variation in the healthy meals they contain. Inadequate nutrition can lead to an abundan ce of health problems. Although spending money on food can be expensive, the governmentRead MoreEssay about Nutrition in Public Health 1165 Words   |  5 PagesNutrition in public health: Objectives: Ensure that students acquire specific knowledge for the analysis of food and nutrition problems in population groups. Identify the causal factors of the state of nutrition in communities. Be able to take part in the planning and programming for prevention and control activities within the field of nutrition in public health. Program: I. Concept of public health: Historical evolution. Population and food. Quality of life and socioeconomic developmentRead MoreMaster Of Nutrition Science Program1540 Words   |  7 PagesMaster of Nutrition Science Program Program Faculty Kathy Prelack, Ph. D, Chair Professor in Nutrition Science Sai Das Professor in Nutrition Science Kelly Kane Professor in Nutrition Science Lynne M. Ausman Professor in Nutrition Science David Hastings Professor in Nutrition Science Sujata Dixit-Joshi Professor in Nutrition Science Marcy Goldsmith Professor in Nutrition Science Overview Nutrition program is a very important in the health in both social and health aspects of life. TheRead MoreNutrition Course. Overview. When One Does Masters Of Science1704 Words   |  7 PagesNutrition Course Overview When one does Masters of Science in Nutrition program as a candidate they are become more equipped in the field of nutrition both theatrically and practically. As a result, by the time someone who has been doing such a course is graduating, they usually have developed both intervention skills and programming capabilities which are in line with nutrition. Also, they are in a position to develop any program that is related to nutrition and implement the same. Such a programRead MoreFood Assistance Programs For Food Aid Programs1450 Words   |  6 Pagessocietal level food interventions are important to implement to meet the nutritional needs of the elderly. Food assistance programs can be a solution to address this problem. The importance of elders of having the appropriate foods for health and the struggles they have in acquiring these foods suggests that elderly food assistance programs might develop better ways of helping them obtained such foods (Wolfe et al., 2003). Food assista nce program that exist currently is the Food Stamp Program. Read MoreThe Supplemental Nutrition Program For Women890 Words   |  4 Pages The Supplemental Nutrition Program for Women, Infants, and Children (WIC) was started in 1972, and was permanently established in 1974 by the USDA (WIC Fact Sheet, 2015; Brown, 2011). WIC was established to safeguard the health of women, infants, and children up to age five who are low income and at nutritional risk; their mission is carried out by means of supplementing diets by providing access to nutritious foods, nutrition education, breastfeeding education, breastfeeding promotion, breastfeedingRead MoreThe Greater Cleveland Food Bank828 Words   |  4 PagesIntroduction The Greater Cleveland Food Bank is a non profit food distribution organization that serves Northeastern Ohio and was founded in 1979. The organization seeks to bring nutritious meals those that are most affected by hunger and poor nutrition in the region, such as low income families and elderly. The organization is headquartered on the eastern side of Cleveland, OH. 1 Statement of need, purpose, rationale Nutrition plays an important role in one’s health, an unhealthy diet can be a contributing

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Theme Of Kill A Mockingbird By Harper Lee - 1013 Words

1. Jean Louise Finch is a young tomboy who lives with her father and brother in Maycomb County, Alabama. 2. To Kill a Mockingbird sets in Maycomb County, Alabama, and takes place during the Great Depression Era. 3. After Bob Ewell accuses Tom Robinson of raping his daughter, Mayella, Atticus is chosen to represent and defend Tom at his trial. 4. The theme of To Kill a Mockingbird is that we should not judge people by their appearance, nor pick on people who don’t cause any harm, because it would be a sin to do so. 5. Aunt Alexandra lives at Finch’s Landings with her husband but moved to Maycomb to live with Atticus and his children. 6. â€Å"Scout, go eat your supper and go to bed before I tell Atticus what you did.† 7. â€Å"Jem, how was your first day at school?† 8. â€Å"Tom, run home before he catches you!† 9. Even though she didn’t want to, Scout accepted the role as a ham in the school pageant. 10. At Mrs. Dubose’s funeral, I saw everyone from the neighborhood except for Boo Radley. 11. Everyone knew that the color of Tom Robinson’s skin would affect the decision of the jury. 12. After Tom Robinson’s trial, I could tell that it had an effect on the whole family because no one ate much of their dinner and no one slept much that night. 13. After hearing screaming coming from the Radley family, I advised everyone to be careful when walking past their yard tomorrow. 14. Hey, help me come up with some advice to give to Dill for coping with his stepfather. 15. â€Å"Atticus, is he okay andShow MoreRelatedThemes Of Kill A Mockingbird By Harper Lee939 Words   |  4 PagesSharon Yin Mrs. Reynolds English 9H 8 March 2015 Themes Foreshadowed in the First Chapter The first pages of a novel often introduce the major topics of the work, which is exactly what author Harper Lee did. The first chapter of To Kill a Mockingbird creates a basis and foreshadows the major themes that play out during the rest of the novel; themes such as prejudice, childhood and growing up, small town southern life, and bravery. One of the most crucial motifs in this novel is prejudice. TheRead MoreThe Mockingbird Theme in To Kill a Mockingbird, by Harper Lee1047 Words   |  5 Pages This novel by Harper Lee has a seemingly curious title to a reader who looks at it in a literal way. Someone may argue that there are no mockingbirds in To Kill a Mockingbird but I beg to differ. An actual mockingbird may not play a large role in this story however the idea and connotation of a mockingbird becomes evident throughout the story in many characters. This is a major theme in the story and is shown through the characters Boo Radley, Mr. Raymond, and Tom Robinson all connected in the factRead MoreTheme Of Kill A Mockingbird By Harper Lee2681 Words   |  11 PagesHonors III 01 June 2015 Independent Novel Project To Kill A Mocking Bird Knowledge Section Significance of Title The title of the book is â€Å"To Kill a Mocking Bird† which is a bird that Atticus told Jem not to shoot at, and Ms. Maudie has described as the one type of bird that shouldn’t be killed because it sings beautifully (119). Also Atticus told Jem that it’s a sin to shoot a mockingbird, and so the title â€Å"To Kill A Mockingbird† means to kill innocence (119). There are several characters in theRead MoreAnalysis Of Theme Of Kill A Mockingbird By Harper Lee1765 Words   |  8 PagesAnalysis Of Themes In To Kill A Mockingbird The novel To Kill A Mockingbird, by Harper Lee, published in 1960, comes out during a flourishing time of tremendous segregation and injustices in the United States. In fact, during this time in America, Civil Rights Movement are at their peak; also, some residents are pushing for equality for all, during this time period. One of those United States citizens who is exposing the South for what it truly is, is Harper Lee. Harper Lee, born on April 28, 1926Read MoreMajor Themes in To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee989 Words   |  4 PagesIntroduction To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee takes place in Maycomb, Alabama in 1903. This novel is basically a coming of age story for a young girl named Scout and her older brother named Jem. Who grows up in a time where racism is normal. They soon learn to stand up for what is right, just like their dad, Atticus. The Coexistence of Good and Evil The most important theme of To Kill a Mockingbird is the Coexistence of good and evil. The novel approaches this theme in many ways throughoutRead MoreMaturation Theme In To Kill A Mockingbird By Harper Lee1609 Words   |  7 PagesMaturation Theme To Kill A Mockingbird â€Å"Maturity is not measured by age. It’s an attitude built by experience.† This quotation says of how you don’t mature by aging and growing older but maturing by understanding situations and events you are found in and how you deal with those challenges or problems. The definition of maturity is to â€Å"have attained a final or desired state.† This means that although some don’t mature ever in life it is of something every human being must do to properly work inRead MoreThemes in To Kill a Mockingbird, by Harper Lee Essay627 Words   |  3 PagesTo kill a mockingbird written by Harper Lee. Themes are the subject of a talk, a piece of writing or a persons thoughts. There are many themes present in this great American classic such as courage, racism, prejudice, morality and of course coming of age. Lee communicates these themes with characters, events that unfold and the scenarios that Jem and Scout have to face. One of many themes that is evidently present throughout the book is prejudice. The main action is of Atticus defending the innocentRead MoreThemes Found in Harper Lee ´s To Kill a Mockingbird843 Words   |  3 Pages 20160752 To Kill A Mockingbird James P. Krehbiel once said â€Å"Inevitably, if we are to grow and change as adults, we must gradually learn to confront the challenges, paradoxes, problems and painful reality of an insecure world.† In Harper Lee’s book, To Kill A Mockingbird, Harper lee sends many messages to the reader. Set in a fictitious town in Alabama in the 1930’s, one obvious theme is racism. However, while racism was the most obvious theme, it wasn’t the only one; other themes included innocenceRead MoreHow Does Harper Lee Present the Theme of Courage in to Kill a Mockingbird1048 Words   |  5 PagesHow Does Harper Lee Present The Theme Of Courage In To Kill A Mockingbird Harper lee presents the theme of courage through several of the characters within TKAM, such as Scout, Atticus, Calpurnia, and Mrs Dubose. Within the book courage is shown in different ways such as Scout’s innocence and naivety or Atticus’ reluctance to carry out an action but still having to carry it out. One character to show courage is Atticus who shows courage twice as he shoots Tim Johnson and stands up to the lynchRead MoreESSAY: The theme of human dignity in the novel To Kill A Mockingbird by Harper Lee.1501 Words   |  7 Pageseye. Thus, ones dignity would be decided based on societys opinion of them. In the novel To Kill A Mockingbird by Harper Lee, the theme of human dignity is portrayed by Scout, Calpurnia, and Atticus. This essay will analyze the theme of human dignity and describe how this novel proves that all people, regardless of race, social status, and family history are people of worth. Scout depicts the theme of human dignity by following Atticus words of wisdom and putting them to use in her everyday

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Apple inc. Marketing International Environment

Question: Discuss about the Apple inc. Marketing for International Environment. Answer: Introduction Apple Inc. is a giant company dealing in the technological devices. The company has invested heavily in the manufacture and marketing of electronic devices such as smart phones and iPad across the world (Bidgoli, 2010). The improvement of these devices through intensive research and development and marketing has enhanced the organizations ability to compete giants like Samsung. In this report, an intensive marketing audit of Apple Inc is done. Importantly, this paper analyzes the companys current business situation and market strategy and gives recommendations to the marketing department of the company on what to implement to improve the competitiveness of the marketing strategy of the company so as to compete the rival companies and acquire more market share. Company Background Apple Inc. is a technological corporation founded in the U.S in 1976. It is registered in the American market but operates globally, reaching the customers from all regions with its products (LuÃÅ'ˆSted 2012). Apple is notable from the widespread marketing of its consumer electronic brands. Although the company began as a computer firm, continuous research and development have led to diversification through the manufacture electronic gadgets (Bidgoli, 2010). A wide variety of these devices is available in many countries and includes television sets, music players, smartphones, and tablets among others. Apples mobile technology, through the production of high-end smartphones, has positioned the company in a leading position in the global industry (Swan Zou, 2012). Apple Inc. applies a business model that adopts writing and designing of proprietary software along with an own operating system that runs on all its products. Recently, the company ventured into the information and en tertainment services. As a result, Apple is a top online retailer of video streaming and music capabilities, software solutions, and smart phone applications around the world. The innovations, creativity, and aggressive marketing have propelled Apple to strong financial position and increasing revenues. The company boasts of several strengths in distributing products and reaching global customers (Gallo, 2012). It's selling strategy involves the establishment of online stores, third party distributors such as wholesalers and retailers, and direct sales force in overseas regions. Moreover, Apple has established the own retail units in different countries and cities with unique features to carry the companys theme to foreign buyers (Schneiders, 2011). The success in foreign markets is, however, met with challenges due to cross-cultural differences and other macro-environmental factors. To foster growth and penetration, the company strives to understand customers and offer product features to meet their tastes and preferences. Additionally, Apple seeks to reach new customers and create a sustainable customer base. The success of new strategies would depend on the international marketing climate and positioning in the industry. Market Analysis A market segment contains a class of customers who share objectives and wants. The marketer has no role in creating segments; the marketer needs to identify the segments and focus on which one to target. Market segmentation provides many advantages to both business and consumers. Also, it will also give huge growth space and profits for Apple. In the online Apple stores, consumers will find a lot of product selection, even though the same products have different product configurations to choose from. Apple launched the 34 kinds of models for Apple Watch; it is include three big series (basic, sport, luxury), six kinds of case material, 18 models strap, two kinds of dial sizes, 11 types of clock interface. (Apple Watchà ¯Ã‚ ¼Ã…’2014). Apple believes that creating all of these different products will mean that they are segmenting the market based on these various needs. However, creating so many different products implies that Apple may fail to adequately target any consumer group, as we do not believe that Apple has considered a market segment for every unique combination of the Apple Watch. Target market The international market has a key role in the Apples profitability. The interaction of the market forces and the companys strategies influences performances in all regions covered. Key variables include the target market, market position, competitors, and the consumers (Czinkota Ronkainen, 2013). Apple Inc. has a broad market target geographically. Although the company has supplies to many countries, the products do not reach all targeted customers, especially in the emerging markets. The economies of some countries such as the Asian and African states are growing rapidly than the developed world, leading to improved customer purchasing power. This recent development presents opportunities for Apple to penetrate deeper into these countries and avail its products (Gallo, 2012). The company offers items at a relatively high price and therefore targets the high end-customers. Improving consumer income creates a widening middle class around the globe, who could afford the Apple devices and services. The emerging markets promise a positive outlook for Apples products whose demand in the central regions such as the United States and Europe are dwindling. Upcoming markets would require variations in the penetration business strategies to overcome salient limiting factors such as language barriers. Positioning Besides the changes in the markets target, Apples positioning in the global environment plays an important role towards realizing sustainability. Apple Inc. positions itself as a leader in innovative technological devices and computing services. The research and development units incorporate creativity that leads to new design and feature in the products (Mcghie, 2012). For instance, Apple has continually produced improved smartphone versions for the global customers. The introduction of new features to the products is necessary to integrate technology and the varying preferences in the cross-cultural communities. Also, Apple positions itself as a high-end consumer electronics producer that people with middle and high-income status can identify with (Segers, 2016). However, this position is not fit for the communities with low incomes. With some major markets reporting declining performances, the shift towards low-income earners is desirable to help the company avoid losses in the fu ture. Although the emerging economies can provide marketing opportunities, a high-cost positioning of the company can limit outcomes. Further, Apple positions itself through established brand names that are iconic and notable in the market (Kahn, 2013). Such trademarks are instrumental in reaching untapped customer bases. Another way that the company positions itself is through the establishment of whole owned selling units or trade partnership with third parties who expand the supply chains, thereby widening coverage. Availing product to low levels near the customers adds value to the products that attract new buyers. The target market and positioning strategies for the company face increased threat from competitors. Competitor Analysis The global technological market is characterized by growing number of competitors as new entrants emerge to exploit available opportunities. Rival firms strive to grow their market share that would lead to fall in the Apples customer base. The major competitor is the Samsung brand that has comparable competing strategies (Ireland, Hoskisson, Hitt, 2012). For instance, Samsung invests in the research and development that has led to the production of innovative technologies and feature. Intense rivalry exists between the two companies, especially in the smartphone business. Increased competition spells danger for Apple market share and long-term dominance in the industry (Fletcher Crawford, 2013). Besides the Samsung brand, other companies have emerged and targeted the people in the emerging markets. Although the firms do not match the level of expertise and technology as applied to the Apple Corporation, they provide competitive substitutes that attract interest from some customers. For instance, the Chinese firms produce cheap smartphones with attractive features that lure a significant population in the emerging markets away from the purchase of very expensive devices offered by the Apple. The level of competition is also fueled by the consumer attributes that present wide opportunities for technological firms to compete. Customers Analysis The customers in international environment have diverse tastes and preferences. Buyers of technical items have varied interests that are shaped by cultural factors, norms, values, and attitudes (Schiffman et al. 2013). The developed countries and emerging markets have different cultural orientations. As a result, the people exhibit varying buying behaviors and levels of adopting recent technologies. These factors influence the marketing activities and implementation of strategies. For example, many Asian countries use their native languages and have little knowledge of the international language such as English (Fletcher Crawford, 2013). Production of technological devices should thus be accompanied by language translations or incorporate native languages to encourage purchases. As an example, mobile phones programmed to in different languages that customers understand register high sales. Other products that carry instructions for use in manuals or wrappings require translations into local languages to foster sales. Use of symbols and other forms of non-verbal communication should ensure cross-cultural sensitivity to avoid misinterpretations. Customers interpret such communications based on their understanding, attitudes, and cultural teachings (Thyroff, Murray, Belk (2015). Symbols or signs that are inconsistent with local interpretations cause misunderstanding and can potentially scare customers away. Apple should develop appropriate strategies as recommended below to overcome limitations in the international environment and promote sustainable performances. It is true that wearable technology market has a huge potential. For Apple watch, it will create a new product category and maybe become the next IPhone, which is a big money-maker. However, Smart watches and other wearable products need to keep improving all the time to attract users attention. In May 2014, on the D11 developers conference speech, when reporters ask Tim Cook what was the status of Apple in the wearable technology market, he didnt give a direct answer, just said; which means Apple is very confidence about their new product. The watch is a ubiquitous, passing fashion trend, types rich product category (Apple Watch, 2014). Conclusion The international markets have opportunities for Apple Inc. to exploit and grow global market share. The company needs to adopt various marketing strategies to maximize the outcomes of international engagements. Managers need to give increased sensitivity to the cultural differences and consumer preferences to attract many buyers (Sitkin Bowen, 2013). The current business model penetrates new markets using the products and features similar in the existing markets such as Europe and America. The products require variations to incorporate features desirable to the customers in emerging markets. By doing this, the company would attain the global perspective while maintaining customized activities. Recommendations The international markets have opportunities for Apple Inc. to exploit and grow global market share. The company needs to adopt various marketing strategies to maximize the outcomes of international engagements. Managers need to give increased sensitivity to the cultural differences and consumer preferences to attract many buyers (Sitkin Bowen, 2013). The current business model penetrates new markets using the products and features similar in the existing markets such as Europe and America. The products require variations to incorporate features desirable to the customers in emerging markets. By doing this, the company would attain the global perspective while maintaining customized activities. Additionally, the company requires review on the distribution channels by increasing own selling points in emerging markets (Ciravegna, Fitzgerald Kundu, 2014). These stores would help gather large information on the preferences of locals. The data collected would be sent to the manufacturing plants in America to enable improvements on the products. Apple lacks adequate information especially due to lack of overseas production units that make it difficult to incorporate attributes of foreign cultures. Improved operations would promise long-term sustainability as the company keeps touch with local trends (Keillor, 2012). To accomplish these performances, Apple would adopt a global organizational structure and matrix capabilities that facilitate marketing. Through the matrix operations, the company combines all factors in the global environment to exercise strong control and compete favorably in the long run. Reference List Apple, 2014. Apple (United Kingdom) - Apple Watch - Design. [Online] Available at: [Accessed 31 August. 2016]. Bidgoli H. (2010). The handbook of technology management. Hoboken, N.J., John Wiley Sons. Ciravegna L, Fitzgerald R, Kundu SK. (2014). Operating in emerging markets: a guide to management and strategy in the new international economy. Upper Saddle River, New Jersey: FT Press Czinkot MR Ronkainen IA. (2013). International Marketing. Cengage Learning. Fletcher R Crawford H. (2013). International Marketing: An Asia-Pacific Perspective. Pearson Higher Education AU. Gallo C. (2012). The apple experience: secrets to building insanely great customer loyalty. New York, McGraw-Hill. Ireland RD, Hoskisson RE, Hitt MA. (2012). Understanding business strategy: concepts plus. Mason, OH., South-Western Cengage Learning. Kahn BE. (2013). Global Brand Power Leveraging Branding for Long-Term Growth. New York, Wharton Digital Press. Keillor BD. (2012). Winning in the global market: a practical guide to international business success. Santa Barbara, Calif, Praeger. LuÃÅ'ˆSted MA. (2012). Apple the company and its visionary founder, Steve Jobs. Minneapolis, MN, ABDO Pub. Mcghie A. (2012). Brand is a four letter word: positioning and the real art of marketing. Charleston, South Carolina, Advantage. Schiffman L, O'Cass A, Paladino A Carlson J. (2013). Consumer Behaviour. Pearson Higher Education AU. Schneiders S. (2011). Apple's secret of success - traditional marketing vs. cult marketing. Hamburg, Diplomica-Verl. Segers RT. (2016). Multinational Management A Casebook on Asia's Global Market Leaders. Cham: Springer International Publishing. Sitkin A Bowen N. (2013). International business: challenges and choices. Oxford, United Kingdom: Oxford University Press. Swan KS Zou S. (2012). Interdisciplinary approaches to product design, innovation, branding in international marketing. Bingley, U.K., Emerald. Thyroff AE, Murray JB, Belk RW. (2015). Consumer culture theory. Bingley: Emerald Group Publishing Limited.

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Virtual Reality and The Revolution In a Learning Experience

Virtual Reality and The Revolution In a Learning Experience Virtual reality (VR) actively gets into the educational system in order to enhance learning outcomes in comparison with traditional face-to-face and online learning activities. So far VRLE (virtual reality learning environment) is very promising in terms of the breakthrough in the studying process. Obviously, like any innovation in the education sphere, such type of learning is hard to accept for some educators, but any actions that potentially can improve learning process should be implemented, no matter how unreal or futuristic they might seem at first. The prospect of VR in an educational sphere Introduction of virtual reality in classrooms is very new and a number of students that use VR tools is not exactly estimated yet; however, new studies claim that by 2025 number of students which use VR for accelerating their studying may reach fifteen million. Some educators argue that VR is closer to entertainment than to education, but it is a known fact that education correctly combined with an entertainment can bring amazing results. The practical issues of using VR at schooling establishments Since the tools for virtual reality learning are not cheap yet, as this is a new trend in an educational field, implementing them might be an issue. However, after more and more students and teachers feel the benefit of using VR for educational purposes, the price tag might not seem so crucial and will be justified by the results. Virtual reality learning in action VR can be used in many fields of study. By some researchers, it is called an empathy tool and can be used for psychology students who via virtual reality can get immersed into the life of those who are, for example, in the heart of the wartime. Biology students can also have a unique experience of observing cells and organs which are not visible to the human eye. For those who study chemistry, it is possible to conduct the experiments without any harm while getting precious knowledge due to the bright visual picture. Astronomy students might get a unique chance to observe celestial bodies of the universe without going into the open space. Benefit of virtual reality for distance learning Studying distantly sometimes brings a feeling of isolation. With VR tools a student can have a tour around the campus and university in order to have a sense of belonging to the community. Users can easily access libraries or even laboratories of famous universities. Undoubtedly, education with the help of virtual reality is potentially very fruitful and effective. At the same time, so far VR is not wide-spread enough, so many educators are skeptical about it. The best solution might be to try using both systems for the utmost benefit of learning. Virtual Reality educating should not substitute traditional ways of learning, but using both educational ways will definitely enhance the results of the studying process.

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If you dont pee in your pants or throw up, youre not running fast enough.

If you dont pee in your pants or throw up, youre not running fast enough. On a call with my transformational growth group last week, one of the participants shared her high school running coachs words to the team: If you dont pee in your pants or throw up, youre not running fast enough. I immediately recalled a recent yoga class that I attended, where at the peak of the practice in a hot room I attempted- and came close to achieving- a difficult arm balance pose. I felt a wave of nausea come over me and knew I was venturing into new territory. Then I thought about last summer at the outdoor pool, when I watched a kid on the swim team barf by the fence and then hop right back into the pool. Other images, like early contestants on The Biggest Loser losing their cookies repeatedly, also came to mind. Similar physical reactions can result from experiencing strong emotional reactions. I have seen people vomit while doing emotional work; and I certainly know the feeling of queasiness that can come from touching deep emotional fear and pain, or from taking a risk in interpersonal communication. Sometimes simply the thought of doing something new or different for my business makes me want to throw up. What all these triggers have in common is that they arise when people are pushing past their comfort zone- which, by definition, is not comfortable! But this doesn’t mean that the activity or work is something to be avoided. If there’s anything new you want in your life, whether a physical result or an emotional transformation, you will experience discomfort on the way to achieving it. Is there somewhere in your life where you are jogging along, letting yourself get comfortable and staying there?  What would it look like to push past your comfort zone?  Are you willing to experience fear, nausea, or even peeing in your pants to get the result you want? Im choosing to take that feeling of nausea and/or fear as an indication that Im pushing my life in ways I want to push it. It means Im digging deeper. The payoff is stronger muscles, stronger relationships, and a stronger business. If you want to stretch more than you’re stretching in your life and work, and feel like you don’t have the tools or courage to do it, I recommend the training I’ve been taking part in for the past 2 years. See The next weekend introductory workshop is March 13-15 in Chicago and you can register for free using code TTCOMP. I will be there and would love to meet you!

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Deterrence Term Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Deterrence - Term Paper Example Deterrence injects that fear of punishment into the minds of the people that keeps them away from committing crimes. One of the great aspects of deterrence is that it seeks to target the potential crimes before they actually happen. Deterrence theory underlies the act of crime prevention. This theory is based on the concept that a person will be deterred from committing any sort of crime, if he is aware of the consequences of committing a crime. Deterrence theory promotes the concept that every person understands the difference between a right act and a wrong act. This theory of criminology is founded on the belief that a person does not commit a crime if the consequences of the crime outweigh the crime’s benefits. Deterrence is a concept that relates to the criminal justice system and keeps the citizens safe from different kinds of crimes. Correctional sanctions have played a considerable role in reducing the crime rate in almost every country of the word. Application of correctional sanctions is an attempt to prevent the criminals from committing any sort of crime by injecting the sense of consequences into the minds of the criminals. The fear of punishment makes a person think twice before committing a crime. Correctional sanctions include such measures that have really proved to be very successful in reducing the crime rate in every part of the world. Some of the most useful measures include incarceration, punishments, and long sentences. â€Å"Punishments such as imprisonment are very useful mechanisms for deterring criminal activity† (Lynch, 1999). One of the most important tasks of the government of any country should be to create the fear of punishment in the minds of criminals in order to prevent them from carrying out a criminal activity. One of the benefits, which come from the implementation of correctional sanctions, is removal of the fear of crimes and violence