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Health, Food, And Nutrition - 1291 Words

When I first enrolled in this class, I didn’t know what to expect nor I had any. What drew my attention was the course focus around different aspects that mediate food and health. This is important because it is applicable to the work that I will be doing for my field study. I’ve learned a lot and I wished we had more time to process the information because most of the materials were new. When it comes to food and health, there aren’t a lot of discussions and/or classes on the politics behind it. Community 156 has established this foundation for me. I will try to take you through a journey of what stood out the most to me. Nowadays, there are a lot of confusion around health, food and nutrition. Many of the diseases such as obesity,†¦show more content†¦In this way, once people are aware, they can challenge the system (Kimura, Food Education as Food Literacy). Many nutritionists and/or health professionals often think that informing people about good vs bad food will help not only combat obesity, but also other health-related issues. However, these nutritionists can’t pinpoint where the problem is coming from or why people aren’t following their recommendations. As a result, they start with being generic as finding food that will solve global concerns (Yates-Doerr, The Capacity of Reduction). Global hunger is a serious issue, especially in third world countries where they lack proteins and nutrients to help stimulate the body. Quinoa, a grain like seed that contains all nine of the proteins that humanity need to survive, is considered a miracle food that will solve global hunger as well as depoliticizing it (McDonell, Miracle Food). Quinoa was promoted as a whole food, which did not require a lot of work than fortified food. I think that whereas these approaches are genuinely thought out, what these supports of this product fail to take into account are people’s social and economic status. Hunger is difficult to address if it’s only view as an individual issue and as systematic and social problems that needs social solutions. I think the term â€Å"food insecurity† is aShow MoreRelatedThe Food Contamination By Bisphenol A Is Unknown, But The Nutrition / Health Impact Of This Chemical1274 Words   |  6 PagesThe overall food contamination by Bispheno l A is unknown, but the nutrition/ health impact of this chemical is an important subject to be discussed for all individuals. The main aim of one study recently analyzed was to assess the reproductive impact of BPA leached from regularly available polycarbonate plastic containers. The bottles specifically chosen for testing were those that were used by children. The migration of BPA occurs in polycarbonate plastics (i.e. water bottles and baby bottles).Read MoreNutrition Is The Basic Process Of Providing The Human Body With The Necessary Food For Health And Growth1611 Words   |  7 PagesIntroduction Nutrition is the basic process of providing the human body with the necessary food for health and growth. While this might seem to be a simple concept, nutrition is exceedingly complex and affects many areas of an individual’s life. One of these areas is exercise. Diet is considered one of the most influential components in improving athletic performance. Optimal nutrition can enhance (a) physical activity, (b) athletic performance and (c) recovery from exercise (Manroe, M.M., BarrRead MoreFresh Or Preserved Foods For Nutrition And Health Benefits By Using Popular And Manipulating Meanings1400 Words   |  6 Pages Fresh or Preserved Foods? The recent trend is advertising fresh and organic foods for nutrition and health benefits by using popular and manipulating phrases such as â€Å"Fresh is Best†. This has resulted in major retailers declaring their focus on fresh foods, such as Coles’ new â€Å"I Coles Freshed It† campaign. These changing habits also indicate that the consumers will now be seeking fresh and organic foods in lieu of available pre-packaged and preserved foods. However, research in the pastRead MoreU.s School Food Regulation For Public Schools Essay1543 Words   |  7 PagesAmerican public schools have poor nutrition, and it causes obesity in teenagers. As a former student of the American public school systems, the condition of the food has been a problem for years. Over the past two decades, obesity has been an issue in the U.S, and it is due to poor school nutrition. The public schools lack a variation in the healthy meals they contain. Inadequate nutrition can lead to an abundan ce of health problems. Although spending money on food can be expensive, the governmentRead MoreEssay about Nutrition in Public Health 1165 Words   |  5 PagesNutrition in public health: Objectives: Ensure that students acquire specific knowledge for the analysis of food and nutrition problems in population groups. Identify the causal factors of the state of nutrition in communities. Be able to take part in the planning and programming for prevention and control activities within the field of nutrition in public health. Program: I. Concept of public health: Historical evolution. Population and food. Quality of life and socioeconomic developmentRead MoreMaster Of Nutrition Science Program1540 Words   |  7 PagesMaster of Nutrition Science Program Program Faculty Kathy Prelack, Ph. D, Chair Professor in Nutrition Science Sai Das Professor in Nutrition Science Kelly Kane Professor in Nutrition Science Lynne M. Ausman Professor in Nutrition Science David Hastings Professor in Nutrition Science Sujata Dixit-Joshi Professor in Nutrition Science Marcy Goldsmith Professor in Nutrition Science Overview Nutrition program is a very important in the health in both social and health aspects of life. TheRead MoreNutrition Course. Overview. When One Does Masters Of Science1704 Words   |  7 PagesNutrition Course Overview When one does Masters of Science in Nutrition program as a candidate they are become more equipped in the field of nutrition both theatrically and practically. As a result, by the time someone who has been doing such a course is graduating, they usually have developed both intervention skills and programming capabilities which are in line with nutrition. Also, they are in a position to develop any program that is related to nutrition and implement the same. Such a programRead MoreFood Assistance Programs For Food Aid Programs1450 Words   |  6 Pagessocietal level food interventions are important to implement to meet the nutritional needs of the elderly. Food assistance programs can be a solution to address this problem. The importance of elders of having the appropriate foods for health and the struggles they have in acquiring these foods suggests that elderly food assistance programs might develop better ways of helping them obtained such foods (Wolfe et al., 2003). Food assista nce program that exist currently is the Food Stamp Program. Read MoreThe Supplemental Nutrition Program For Women890 Words   |  4 Pages The Supplemental Nutrition Program for Women, Infants, and Children (WIC) was started in 1972, and was permanently established in 1974 by the USDA (WIC Fact Sheet, 2015; Brown, 2011). WIC was established to safeguard the health of women, infants, and children up to age five who are low income and at nutritional risk; their mission is carried out by means of supplementing diets by providing access to nutritious foods, nutrition education, breastfeeding education, breastfeeding promotion, breastfeedingRead MoreThe Greater Cleveland Food Bank828 Words   |  4 PagesIntroduction The Greater Cleveland Food Bank is a non profit food distribution organization that serves Northeastern Ohio and was founded in 1979. The organization seeks to bring nutritious meals those that are most affected by hunger and poor nutrition in the region, such as low income families and elderly. The organization is headquartered on the eastern side of Cleveland, OH. 1 Statement of need, purpose, rationale Nutrition plays an important role in one’s health, an unhealthy diet can be a contributing

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