Friday, November 15, 2019

Responsibility for Childhood Obesity Essay -- Obesity in Children

Childhood Obesity- Whose Responsibility Is It? Daniel Weintraub wrote an article in The Sacramento Bee exclaiming his concern for childhood obesity, criticizing the â€Å"blame game†, and whom he believes is not taking enough responsibility for this horrendous epidemic that is sweeping our nation. Weintraub states that, â€Å"Parents -- not the fast food companies, not the government-- are in the best position to fight the epidemic of overweight children.† I agree that parents play a vital role in establishing healthy eating choices and exercise habits. However, I also strongly believe that fast food companies and the government should share the responsibility of keeping our nations children healthy. I suggest that a system should be created which implements and reinforces responsibility amongst all three parties. All three parties have played a role in getting our children in this unfortunate situation, and all three should help our children to become healthy, active, productive members of society. With billions of dollars spent annually on advertising to children, I believe that the government should limit the amount of airtime available to purchase for companies that sell â€Å"unhealthy food/beverage products†. The growing epidemic of childhood obesity has brought attention to the role that food/beverage advertising and marketing play in negatively influencing the eating habits of children. Children are being exposed to increasing amounts of advertising and marketing. Parents should take an initiative and limit the amount of time their children spend watching television being exposed to such advertising and marketing. Parents also should reduce the amount of trips they take to fast food restaurants and reserve such trips as a treat ... ...lic schools and advocates healthy alternatives, regardless of the extra income it provides to the schools and the popularity of the students. There are many external factors which affect and influence children into making everyday choices. Parents are ultimately responsible for their children and the consequences of the choices that they make. Nevertheless, the â€Å"blame game† needs to end and responsibility needs to be distributed across the board. Our nation, as a whole, should be proactive in ridding ourselves of the name â€Å"Junk Food Nation† and help prevent the many ailments and risk factors of childhood obesity, such as diabetes and stroke. To put it simply, our children are our future. Providing and encouraging our children with a healthy, active, productive lifestyle ensures that we have healthy, active, productive members of society and leaders of tomorrow.

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