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Sleep Paralysis Essay Sample free essay sample

General Psychology Reflection Paper on the Sleep palsy in striplings: The ‘a dead organic structure climbed on top of me’ phenomenon in Mexico The writers for this scholarly article. â€Å"Sleep palsy in striplings: The ‘a dead organic structure climbed on top of me’ phenomenon in Mexico. † are Alejandro Jimenez-Genchi. Victor M. Avila-Rodriguez. Frida Sanchez. Blanca E. Vargas Terrez. and Alejandro Nenclares-Portocarrero. The article is from the Journal of Psychiatry and Clinical Neurosciences. volume 63. pages 546-549 and was available online last 2009. Sleep palsy ( SP ) is characterized by the incapableness to travel for a short period of clip at the early phases of slumber. Some civilizations use conversational looks to depict the SP experience. In Mexico. Mexicans uses the look ‘a dead organic structure climbed on top of me’ to picture a phenomenon that seems to be tantamount to SP. The purpose of this survey is to place the rate an d features of SP in striplings utilizing a common people look. We will write a custom essay sample on Sleep Paralysis Essay Sample or any similar topic specifically for you Do Not WasteYour Time HIRE WRITER Only 13.90 / page Since the phenomenon is most frequently seen in adolescence. the research workers invited 322 striplings from different high schools in Mexico City to take part. They completed an Epworth Sleepiness Scale ( ESS ) and an SP questionnaire which asks if they already heard about the phenomenon and have experienced it. With all the gathered information. the research workers were shocked to happen out that 92. 5 % of the participants heard about the phenomenon while 27. 6 % of them had experienced it. 61 % had experienced 2 or more episodes during their life-time. The difference and similarities of this conversational look and sleep palsy is emphasized in the treatment portion. Folk descriptions are said to capture motor and hallucinatory nature of SP while clinical descriptions gaining control merely the motor characteristics. If merely indispensable characteristics of SP which is the inability to travel or talk were considered. research workers would obtain a lower prevalence rate in the whole sample. Surprisingly. rates in this survey are consistent to the rate of other surveies which involves SP expressed utilizing a conversational look like in China and Japan. There are certain factors that limit the credibleness of this survey. First. informations were obtained from fickle sample of striplings which belongs to a population that uses a conversational look in mentioning to SP. Second. informations were based from self-reported questionnaires completed by the striplings which are dwelling of inquiries that sometimes are misinterpreted. Discrepancies in this survey are ineluctable because of the method used by the research workers. It leads to a decision that the SP is often experienced by striplings which is sometimes accompanied by hallucinations. Of all the sleep upsets known to adult male. sleep palsy is the least understood ( Hurd. 2010 ) . Sleep Paralysis is a normal. natural bodily map that causes our physical organic structures to be paralyzed during slumber ( Peterson. 2005 ) . It is misinterpreted as an unnatural or chilling experience because of the presence of its indispensable characteristic characterized by the inability to travel or talk. Sleep palsy ( SP ) is a phenomenon where the musculuss are paralyzed which causes the organic structure unable to travel. It occurs during the early phases of REM sleep or even upon rousing. The phenomenon merely lasts for a minute or two but even though it’s merely enduring for a short period of clip and is said to be normal. sing SP might be truly scaring. The chief ground why we experience sleep palsy is that it prevents us to move out our dreams or hurt ourselves while woolgathering by paralysing the musculuss. It is when our heads are fully-awake and witting to the milieus but your organic structure is paralyzed. SP normally happens when our encephalons responds faster than our organic structure. What makes SP more terrifying is the presence of hallucinations which is most of the clip appears in chilling signifiers. Two old ages ago since the first clip I had cognition and heard about SP. Since so. my wonder didn’t stopped trouble oneselfing me about SP and its nature. I have so many inquiries in my head that until I did this survey remained unreciprocated like â€Å"How that is possible that your head is fully-awake but your organic structure is unab le to travel? † â€Å"What does it experience like? † â€Å"Why and when does it go on? † etc. I started to look for information and facts about SP to fulfill my wonder. I didn’t fail to happen such things that made SP more interesting to analyze. I was more astonied when I found out that SP is used in presenting yourself to lucid woolgathering. I was struck by the article I’ve read on a web log site that you can be able to command your dreams and your psyche will be separated from your organic structure. I was so hypnotized that even I wanted to see it without cognizing what the danger of SP might convey. And so with that. I started to delve deeper facts about SP because my old beginnings might be undependable. I didn’t waste this chance to cognize more about what I like to happen out. When we were asked to hold our contemplation about an article which is related to Psychology. I thought approximately this because I know that I can do a good 1 because I’m interested with it. As I started to look for more dependable beginnings. I found out that my old cognition about the phenomenon is incorrect. Before. I thought that SP is an astonishing experience but when I visited personal web logs of people narrating their SP experience. they said that it is the chilling thing that happened to them. For person like me who haven’t experienced SP yet. depicting it is truly a difficult undertaking. I even have to confer with personal web logs and utilize my imaginativeness. In the diary article that I’ve used. research workers have found out that SP is most common in striplings. The rates of Mexican striplings who experienced SP are consistent to the rates of other surveies about striplings in Japan and China sing the same phenomenon. Sleep palsy occurs most frequently after jet slowdown or periods of wakefulness that interrupt the normal REM forms. or after alterations in slumber forms. It affects both sexes every bit and occurs at all ages but is most common in adolescents ( MedTerms. 2011 ) . Based from my apprehension. adolescents are more prone to see SP because its causes are most likely seen in them. An individual’s reading of SP may depend on their cultural account or the belief system of the individual ( Murphy A ; Egan. 2010 ) . In the diary article I’ve chosen. chosen striplings came from a state which uses a common people look to depict the SP experience. Based on what I’ve read. I think that it affects the rates the research worker got. They think that they would acquire lower rates if the indispensable characteristic of SP is the merely 1 considered. Clinical descriptions captures the motor characteristics of SP while folk descriptions like the one being used by the Mexicans captures the motor and hallucinatory consequence of SP. I would besides state that samples used in this experiment are non dependable plenty particularly with the method used in this survey which is the study method. We can non overlook the fact that some inquiries might be misunderstood by the participants and since it is a take-home questionnaire. honestness among them is non guaranteed. The first clip I saw the rubric of the article ( ‘A dead organic structure climbed on top of me’ ) . I was frightened. I think that there are certain grounds why they used that description. Based on some personal narratives of people who have experienced the phenomenon that I’ve read. the victim feels unable to travel because of the feeling that something heavy is lying/sitting on them. The ground sleep palsy may explicate narratives of shades and foreigners is the strong sense of a presence. normally harmful. that victims normally feel during an onslaught. They besides report unusual kinaesthetic esthesiss. such as feelings of being dragged out of bed. vibrating. winging or falling. These episodes can sometimes take to matured out-of-body experiences ( Evans A ; French. 2009 ) . SP could be prevented but it can non be escaped. It was said that a individual will see at least one episode during their life-time. SP is normal until it’s non a mark of narcolepsy. To the best of my cognition. this happens more frequently upon waking up. Basically. your head wakes up before your organic structure does. Finally. your organic structure catches up to your head and wakes up excessively. All we need to make to non to see such creepy sleep upsets is non to upset our slumber forms and agenda. We should obtain complete hours of slumber particularly us. adolescents who largely experience SP. It’s dismaying to see two or more episodes of this phenomenon in our life-time. Though it’s normal. it could be truly terrorizing to see being paralyzed while we are asleep. Mentions Bob Peterson ( 2005. August ) . What Everyone Should Know About Sleep Paralysis. AS and OBEs. From the World Wide Web: hypertext transfer protocol: //www. robertpeterson. org/asp. htm Gillian Murphy A ; Jonathan Egan ( 2010. March ) . Sleep Paralysis and Hallucinations: What Clinicans Need to Know. From the World Wide Web: hypertext transfer protocol: //www. lenus. ie/hse/bitstream/10147/111896/1/IPMarch2010. pdf Medical Footings ( 2009 ) Definition of Sleep Paralysis. From the World Wide Web: hypertext transfer protocol: //www. medterms. com/script/main/art. asp? articlekey=9806 Ryan Hurd ( 2010 ) . The Sleep Paralysis Report. Retrieved 2010 from the World Wide Web: hypertext transfer protocol: //dreamstudies. org/wpcontent/uploads/2010/11/Sleep-Paralysis-Report-2010. pdf Scientific American. Randolph W. Evans A ; Christopher French ( 2009. January ) . Ask the Brains: What Is Sleep Paralysis? From the World Wide Web: hypertext transfer protocol: //www. scientificamerican. com/arti cle. cfm? id=ask-the-brains-sleep-paralysis

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