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Strategic Management Accounting - 1773 Words

STRATEGIC MANAGEMENT ACCOUNTING This report will attempt to explain what Strategic Management Accounting (SMA) is, how it developed, why Traditional Management Accounting (TMA) is not sufficient to provide information for strategic decisions and the difference between SMA and TMA. It will further outline some of the essential analytical tools or techniques in SMA such as Activity Based Costing (ABC) and the Balanced Scorecard (BSC). SMA is an extremely broad concept, so in order to give a bird’s eye view of the subject this report mainly focus on comparing SMA to TMA and finally describes the importance and criticisms of SMA. What is Strategic Management Accounting? â€Å"A form of management accounting in which emphasis is placed on†¦show more content†¦Bromwich, (1990) contends that SMA enables the management to have a bird’s eye view of the competitors’ procedure and business techniques business and to take decisions accordingly. In this way a major hallmark of SMA is its inclusion of non-financial aspects for the purpose of decision making. Lords (1996) identifies the following functions which are commonly associated with SMA: 1. Collecting information related to the competitors. 2. Using accounting for strategic decisions. 3. Cutting costs on the basis of strategic decisions. 4. And, gaining competitive advantage through it. Wilson and Chua (1993) tabulate ten key differences between MA and SMA as following: | Traditional MA | Strategic MA | 1 | Historical | Prospective | 2 | Single entity | Relative | 3 | Introspective | Out-ward looking | 4 | Manufacturing focus | Competitive focus | 5 | Existing activities | Possibilities | 6 | Reactive | Proactive | 7 | Programmed | Un-programmed | 8 | Data orientation | Information oriented | 9 | Based on existing systems | Unconstrained by existing systems | 10 | Built on conventions | Ignores conventions | Critics have regularly complained that TMA focuses too much on internal business functions of accounting in order to meet the requirements of the internal managers. Some argues that while special attention is given to the internal affairs of the business sight is lost of the externalShow MoreRelatedStrategic Management Accounting13457 Words   |  54 Pagesof this journal is available at AAAJ 21,2 Strategic management accounting: how far have we come in 25 years? Kim Langï ¬ eld-Smith Monash University, Melbourne, Australia Abstract Purpose – The purpose of this paper is to provide a review of the origins of strategic management accounting and to assess the extent of adoption and â€Å"success† of strategic management accounting (SMA). Design/methodology/approach – Empirical papers which have directly researchedRead MoreStrategic Management Accounting2093 Words   |  9 PagesWhat is Strategic Management Accounting? And why, Strategic Management Accounting? Simple definition: Management Accounting in the context of business strategies being planned and implemented by an organisation. Strategy is the way that a firm positions and distinguishes itself from its competitors. These business strategies must be developed in the context of the internal and external environments so that they are practical, or else they will remain a theoretical wish-list. It is alsoRead MoreStrategic Management Accounting3162 Words   |  13 Pagesproducts; and the emergence of e-business and so on. As a result of the defects of traditional accounting have been unable to meet these changes new management themes have evolved which in turn has resulted in the development of strategic management accounting. Strategic management accounting aims to provide relevant information to an organization’s management to enable them to make strategic plans and strategic decisions. The emphasis is on external information on competitors, customers, markets, andRead MoreStrategic Management Accounting2595 Words   |  11 Pagesmeeting target budgeted profit. This is a critical situation where management of Manac plc should understand and evaluate the key strategic management accounting models and concepts which may affect to decisions made with regard to products’ cost and price. Manac plc presently uses traditional management accounting concepts such as standard costing and absorption costing methods as a part of its approach to strategic management accounting. The reasons for the company not to achieve target budgeted profitRead MoreRole Of A Strategic Management Accounting Essay1317 Words   |  6 Pagesand Goddard 2008) investigating the role of strategic management accounting in an organizational setting? The role of strategic management accounting (SMA) is a relatively new concept especially within organizational settings (Juras, 2014). In addition to being new, it posits as an interesting field of study since existing literature evidences that conducting management accounting in relationship with strategy is problematic (Endraria, 2015). Accounting managers endure challenge of aligning functionalRead MoreStrategic Management Accounting : The Beginning Essay1797 Words   |  8 PagesIntroduction Discussion 1. Strategic Management Accounting: The Beginning To survive and succeed in the ever-evolving global business climate requires an understanding on how to formulate business strategies that are future proof (Daud, 2012). In reaction to this growing pressure firms are looking for innovative ways to remain competitive and apply a strategic perspective in every aspect of their business. This led to a close up on conventional management and cost accounting practices and sparked criticismRead MoreQuestions On Strategic Management Accounting2396 Words   |  10 PagesOver the past recent years a new term namely â€Å"Strategic Management Accounting† has been introduced in management accounting discussion. In the following years and still today, a debate about what SMA comprises has been oriented. It is considered widely by organizations while drafting and implementing strategic planning and control system in an organization. This essay will elaborate the understanding and analyzing of work done by CIMA and some other surveyors in r elation to this field. SecondaryRead MoreManagment Accounting, Financial Control, Management Control, Strategic Management Accounting (Sma)3965 Words   |  16 PagesIntroduction: To better understand differences between many similar types of terms in accounting such as management accounting and financial accounting, management control and financial control and strategic management accounting we will explore the case study of TNT and how the company has been able to implement these important concepts practically in this case. Firstly, we will see how the management and financial controls were used in order to achieve what Taylor say’s is Critical Mass. We willRead MoreStrategic Management Accounting and Balanced Score Card11170 Words   |  45 PagesCHAPTER 17: ACCOUNTING FOR STRATEGIC MANAGEMENT CHAPTER OUTLINE ï  ± ï  ± ï  ± Learning outcomes Introduction Organisational strategy o Definition o Cumulative strategy (strategising) ï  ± Strategic management accounting (SMA) o Definition o Components of SMA o Does SMA still exist; or, what is it becoming? ï  ± The balanced scorecard o Its origins and its purpose o Elements and characteristics of a balanced scorecard o Designing a balanced scorecard o Features of a balanced scorecard o Why hasRead MoreStrategic Management Accounting : Cost Advantage And Differentiation Advantage996 Words   |  4 PagesTraditional management accounting is cost driven with short-term pricing and profit motive. It is fragmented and has internal and financial focus. Strategic management accounting is market driven with long-term pricing and profit motive. It is integrated and has value and external focus. Strategic management accounting raises the issues and addresses the weaknesses of traditional management accounting in the modern market place. Strategic management accounting requires the application of strategic management

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