Friday, February 21, 2020

Deterrence Term Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Deterrence - Term Paper Example Deterrence injects that fear of punishment into the minds of the people that keeps them away from committing crimes. One of the great aspects of deterrence is that it seeks to target the potential crimes before they actually happen. Deterrence theory underlies the act of crime prevention. This theory is based on the concept that a person will be deterred from committing any sort of crime, if he is aware of the consequences of committing a crime. Deterrence theory promotes the concept that every person understands the difference between a right act and a wrong act. This theory of criminology is founded on the belief that a person does not commit a crime if the consequences of the crime outweigh the crime’s benefits. Deterrence is a concept that relates to the criminal justice system and keeps the citizens safe from different kinds of crimes. Correctional sanctions have played a considerable role in reducing the crime rate in almost every country of the word. Application of correctional sanctions is an attempt to prevent the criminals from committing any sort of crime by injecting the sense of consequences into the minds of the criminals. The fear of punishment makes a person think twice before committing a crime. Correctional sanctions include such measures that have really proved to be very successful in reducing the crime rate in every part of the world. Some of the most useful measures include incarceration, punishments, and long sentences. â€Å"Punishments such as imprisonment are very useful mechanisms for deterring criminal activity† (Lynch, 1999). One of the most important tasks of the government of any country should be to create the fear of punishment in the minds of criminals in order to prevent them from carrying out a criminal activity. One of the benefits, which come from the implementation of correctional sanctions, is removal of the fear of crimes and violence

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