Wednesday, February 5, 2020

The e-businesss decision making and the customers decision makings Literature review

The e-businesss decision making and the customers decision makings effect each other - Literature review Example Assael believed that the process of decision-making can mainly divided into two parts, choosing and making decision (P48, 2000). It is a well known that the decision making process is an essential aspect of the business and most leaders are aware of the intensity and importance of decision making to the business. The process of decision making generally involves a high number of uncertainties and confusions. As very well explained by Chris Brogan, â€Å"Things are running well and you come up with a hundred new ideas to expand; Things go poorly, and you find yourself grinding through dozens of ideas of what will fix it. But the success youll eventually experience will come from understanding those decisions deeply† (Brogan, 2010). The main aim of good decision making is the need to understand the decisions and choices being made. Decision making has been referred to with a number of words like ‘difficult, perplexing, and nerve racking’ (Arsham, 2010). It is essential to note that these terms are only used on decision making as the process of making a decision is one which is a critical moment for the business and can impact the business in a number of ways. Decisions are the heart and blood of organizations and need to be taken with extreme care and with high levels of focus. Decision making has been defined as â€Å"the process of responding to a problem by searching for and selecting a solution or course of action that will create value for organizational stakeholders† (Scribd, 2010). It is also essential to note that decision making stands on six C’s, these include, a) Construct, b) Compile, c) Collect, d) Compare, e) Consider, f) Commit. Having understood the meaning of decision making, it is essential to understand the decision making process. The next sub section details the decision making process. The decision making process is more of looped process and

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